Accurate medical labelling could prevent accidents

18th September 2013 - Fine Cut
Accurate medical labelling could prevent accidents

Having a fully stocked and clearly labelled first aid kit is imperative for companies in all industries, as accidents are likely to happen even in the safest jobs.

Businesses need to ensure they take steps to improve health and safety standards at all times - and one way of doing so is through educating all members of staff about the first aid kit and what can be found inside it.

Fine Cut provides a wide variety of medical labels for companies across a range of industries, which could help to reduce the likelihood of accidents in the workplace, while protecting the wellbeing of employees.

All of our medical labels are produced using the highest quality materials, meaning they provide a long-lasting solution to your health and safety needs.

Among the applications that Fine Cut's labels can be used for are equipment identification, inventory numbering, asset marking, maintenance required labels and next service due labels.

Having an effective labelling strategy in place to ensure all products and machines can clearly be identified is vital for businesses, as the safety of employees can be put at serious risk without it.

The Health and Safety Executive recently prosecuted a Worthing company after a member of staff broke an arm because an unguarded machine was not clearly marked.

As a result, the firm was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay £6,978 in legal costs following the incident, which resulted in a member of staff needing a plate inserted in his arm to help heal a serious break.

Speaking after a hearing into the matter, HSE inspector Graham Goodenough said: "This case shows the importance of carrying out a thorough assessment of all the risks involved in machinery.

"What happened to [the employee] was easily avoidable and shortly after the incident the company did fit a suitable guard to the machine that would have prevented it happening."

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