A closer look at Fine Cut's high quality printing machinery

22nd August 2013 - Fine Cut
A closer look at Fine Cut's high quality printing machinery

The need for high quality labels across a broad spectrum of industries is at the forefront of Fine Cut's operations, as we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers.

With our products, companies can rest assured that they are receiving the best of the best in terms of label printing - and this is reflected through our use of some of the highest quality machinery available.

Below is a guide to a selection of the printers we utilise, along with tips on how your business could benefit from their use.

The SwissQ

Renowned as the best printer in its class, the SwissQ UV Flatbed Printer provides the perfect combination of a superior build with a versatile ink configuration and supreme colour management.

As the first company in the UK to install the printer, Fine Cut is proud to deliver the highest quality digitally printed labels, membrane keypads and graphic overlays to our customers.

The SwissQ can print directly on to virtually any substrate - including metal and glass - with its revolutionary primer. It delivers flat bed printing capabilities of up to 1.5m x 2.5m, with a depth of 50mm.

Its UV hardened inks are durable, making them suitable for interior or exterior use, while a state-of-the-art colour management system creates one of the largest digital colour pallets - including a substantial colour matching system for Pantones and RALs.

Fine Cut is pleased to possess a crucial temperature monitored clean room environment in order to ensure optimum printing results for the SwissQ.

The machine's capabilities include:

- Graphic overlays
- Product labels
- Domed labels
- Large format labels
- Industrial labels
- Nameplates

Further printing equipment

Along with the SwissQ UV, Fine Cut produces labels using a variety of high quality printers, which promise to deliver optimum results for our spectrum of customers.

Our collection includes another industry-leading printer, which creates both short and long runs of labels on several surfaces - including plastic sheets. Customers who need their labels printing quickly and efficiently would benefit from use of this product, as it produces approximately 600 sheets per hour.

Alternatively, our roll digital printer transfers high quality labels on to rolls. Particularly useful for businesses in the medical and industrial sectors, this product is one of the best available for the production of product labels.

By printing on to the surface of the material, the printer provides quick results for busy companies looking to make the most of our unparalleled expertise.

Another of Fine Cut's high quality machines cuts and prints labels in a single process - providing your business with a quick turnaround and optimum processing time. If you are looking for the best prints available in a very short time, contact our team of labelling experts to discuss this further.

Businesses operating across a wide range of industries - including electronic, industrial and medical professionals - are likely to benefit the most from this type of product.

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