The appearance of an establishment – and the staff who work in it – can be the difference between a customer making a purchase, returning in the future and telling their friends, or walking straight out of the door into the arms of a competitor.

It is absolutely imperative to clear on the brand you are trying to create. Will staff dress casually in order to encourage a relaxed atmosphere, or are you aiming for something that is a little more formal for clarity? In any area of customer service, a golden rule is that people know who they can speak to if they have any queries about the products on offer.

An industry that has benefited greatly from the latter approach is labelling. Manufacturers are able to use a host of production techniques to come up with designs to suit every need. With that in mind, here are a few of the ways in which labelling and nameplates can help sculpt your brand.

Bringing staff closer to customers

Sales assistants play a pivotal role in any retail setting, which is why it is so important to give them the best chance of forming close relationships with customers – something that is made easier if the shopper already knows their name. Uniforms can help with standardisation and making it clear to customers who is there to answer any questions they might have, but why not go one step further with nameplates?

These are most commonly created by making a badge with the person’s name on it, which is then attached to a small rectangle. From there, it is really up to you what kind of impression you want to make  with such a vast array of materials and styles out there.

We can create badges made out of steel, brass, aluminium, laminate and many more. If you run an upmarket business, the premium look and shine of metallic nameplates might be the best choice, whereas others prefer a more understated approach.

Extra exposure for a company logo

We offer a bespoke service, with a hugely talented team of engravers who can harness standardisation and those extra little personal touches in equal measure. One bonus that a lot of firms like to add to their nameplates in the company logo.

This is a great way to reinforce a brand in a consumer’s consciousness and could well contribute to you getting a greater foothold in the market. In the past it might have been a worry for some that reproducing their logo in such a small space could lead to it being distorted or looking unprofessional, but all that has changed.

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