We have worked side by side with the NHS, Government bodies and private laboratories providing label solutions for over 40 years.

Our team have vast experience and expertise in producing durable labels and overlays for a broad spectrum of hospital, laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment. Catering for both short and long run, we are able to provide recommendations for a variety of medical label applications, ranging from patient monitoring equipment to analytical instruments. We also manufacture durable labels to the latest UL969 guidelines

Durable and permanent are two of the main criteria required when looking for labels for the identification of laboratory cryogenic samples. Our specialist “Cryo” polyester meets this requirement, and also has a specially formulated adhesive that allows for long term bonding when used on plastic cryogenic storage pots and tubes, and can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of de-lamination.

Its ability to be used in the harshest environments is paired with its versatility for the user – Available in either sheet or roll format, the Matt (laser printable) and Satin (Thermal transfer printable) polyester materials can be supplied in almost any size and shape allowing the end user the flexibility of printing on demand, durable barcode and batch control labels within their own office / laboratory.

Resistance to chemicals and solvents within the laboratory environment is a key element to maintaining full batch and sample traceability. The Integrity of the data on the label is critical to the handling and analysing of the sample and without readable data the sample is an unknown element and worthless.   

Chemical and solvent resistant labels will offer an enhanced level of durability against a wide range of contaminants such as Acetone, IPA, Toluene, Xylene and DMSO to name a few.  The ability to survive in the harshest of environments makes it a must for laboratory labelling and it becomes a vanguard for the labelling of all samples.  

Labels can be supplied in any size fully printed or un-printed allowing  for “in-house” printing via a thermal transfer printable polyester material  (white or Clear) and a compatible resin foil. Suitable for the labelling of sample vials, Histology slides, bottles and other collection receptacles.