Stephen Wyles is the founder of the not-for-profit organisation – Birth Defect, supporting those “Born Unable to Swallow”.

Stephen himself was born unable to swallow, having lived his life with this condition, he is dedicated to helping others with the same and similar conditions all over the world. When his late Nan passed in 2012, she left him some money, which he has used to help many children around the world.

Working alongside top surgeons in their field – Stephen provides education, awareness, support and helps to connect those in need, with medical professionals.

Here at Fine Cut, we have worked with Stephen over many years, supplying identification tags for the Ea-Tef and Tof-oa condition. Many years ago, these started out as laser marked tags, but as technology has progressed, we are now producing digitally anoprinted tags. These tags are full colour, printed on to lightweight aluminium and laser cut to shape. We have produced 3 variations which are now available to purchase through the Birth-Defect shop.

The new tags will help to fund Stephen’s website going forward and will in turn allow him to help children in 3rd World countries – his goal…To Change The World of understanding for the children.

You can read more about Stephens work here