Group Brand Manager

We at Fine Cut Group Limited are looking for a bright and enthusiastic individual to join our team as our Group Brand Manager. This is an incredibly unique role as the candidate will be responsible for a total of 8 unique brands (and growing).

This role is perfect for someone with an eclectic & creative mind, who can create and manage the identity of multiple brands over multiple channels. 

You will be working closely with our marketing and sales team to deliver the striking visual resources required on all marketing campaigns. 

You will join a 40 strong industrial graphics company working closely with our Group Marketing Manager and the various department managers to deliver market specific content to new and existing stakeholders over a range of platforms.

This position is based at our facility in Lancing, West Sussex.

Key responsibilities:

  • Create themes and maintain continuity across multiple platforms for multiple brands.
  • Supply visuals to the sales and marketing teams.
  • Update the website visuals regularly.
  • Produce all other media such as brochures, banners, exhibition stands etc. 

You should be able to:

  • Use Adobe CS6+
  • Have a creative mindset.
  • Be confident over multiple social media platforms
  • Understand e-mail marketing platforms
  • Take quality photos/videos
  • Manage a busy workload

We're impressed if you:

  • Write engaging content
  • Have experience in printing
  • Understand SEO
  • Familiar with the following website frameworks: Wordpress, Laravel, Magento2

How To Apply:

Please forward your CV's and covering letter to:
Format your subject line as follows:
CV | [full name] | [position you're applying for]