Bookbinding Accessories

Our bookbinding accessories are precision-manufactured by experienced craftsmen and subject to rigorous quality control methods. We use state of the art machinery and innovative techniques to deliver our customers superior quality, short lead times and competitive prices.  

  • Hand Typeholders

    The ultimate bookbinders’ companion, each hand typeholder we produce is an article of matchless quality. Expertly hand crafted in craft brass, each tool features a fine bevelled steel backplate to assure precise alignment of type. Our standard spring typeholders come in 2", 3" and 4" sizes, fully adjustable to accept type from 8pt up to 36pt.

  • Super Rapid Typeholder

    Marrying together traditional bookbinding techniques with cutting-edge production methods, our collection of super rapid typeholders are a joy to use: both ergonomic and stylish. These particular typeholders come in 4" size only, and are only suitable for type larger than 10 point.

  • Type Cabinet

    Our stunning stained and polished wood cabinets are an equally attractive and functional asset to any bookbinding workshop.  Built with either six or ten storage drawers, each tray is individually compartmented. Drawer supports enable angling to aid selection of type whilst typesetting.

  • Slip Cases

    Our brass slipcases, manufactured in either single line, double line or triple line, can be produced in any size up to 36 pt.  

  • Polishing Iron

    For crushing and polishing the grain of the leather to absolute perfection, we can supply brass polishing irons in a range of sizes. 

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Client Testimonials

“I am so happy to have found your company you are fantastic... Thank you all so much for your efficiency and help with this order, your company really does stand out from the crowd!!”

- Lian , Design Engineer

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Download our bookbinding catalogue with the complete range of brass type, handle letters, bookbinding tools and equipment we offer.

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