The War Horse: Fine Art Sculpture

Fine Cut was approached by Dean Bourne, who had a vision, and with the help of Fine Cut, brought his idea to life. He wanted to create a fine art sculpture, which he will sell to the art world.

A complex design; perfectly engineered

Dean chose Fine Cut for the production of his first sculpture, due to the enthusiasm, skill, experience and knowledge of the team. With a reputation for exceptionally fine 5 axis machining, Fine Cut's Advanced Engineering division was an obvious choice for this complex project.

Fine Cut worked with Dean to advise on the best approach for each of the different elements, to ensure the final finish was perfect. To run the project efficiently, the entire process was precisely planned out and every little detail considered before the first cut was even made. 

Dean wanted the piece to show the 5-axis machining marks as a piece of art, so it was paramount that the end results showed as much of the intricate machine marks as possible.

The process

The first step was to start machining the large block of wood that would create the shape of the head. The machines started by drilling the block down until the nose area took shape, and then the neck started to form. Once the front of the head was shaped, the machine started to shape the back where the mane would sit.

Next, the aluminium parts were worked on, starting from blocks of metal. This included the nose, mane, ears and shoulders. The 5-axis machine cut away little by little until the correct cuts were made and the shapes were perfectly formed.

The challenge

Fine Cut had to build a specialised Jig, which would stabilise the nose while the finer details were being machined. Because of the shape of the piece, there was no natural surface for the machine to clamp onto, so Fine Cuts expert team, designed and made a bespoke jig, which would hold the nose securely whilst it was being machined.

With the help of an extensive engineering suite, including computer software, 5-Axis engineering, polishing and protection techniques, the final sculpture was complete.

The results

Dean’s aim was to create a masterpiece illustrating the artistry of modern machining by contrasting the warmth of the natural wood grain against the cold man-made metal. The finish and end piece far surpassed Dean's expectations, and as such he is looking forward to offering the engineered artwork to the market and excited to see what reactions it gets.

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“ Thank you, Your service and speed is admirable.”

- Bradford , Sound Engineering Specialists