We understand just how important health and safety is for the agriculture industry and our range of products aims to make it easier to roll out plans to ensure workplace safety.

All our agricultural labels are produced using materials of the highest quality, while featuring a variety of permanent and high tack adhesive that ensure they will be both long-lasting and durable.

Pump labels, fuse box labels, barcode tracking, motor labels, heavy machinery and forestry equipment are just some of the areas our labels can be utilised.

A Lincolnshire-based firm incurred a fine of £10,000 plus £13,420 in legal costs after its workers were put at risk of developing asthma through the spraying of a hazardous chemical without assessing the dangers of doing so. The firm did not implement adequate controls to protect employees from the effects of the chemical.

Labelling toxic and hazardous chemicals within the workplace is imperative to maintaining the health and safety of employees.

Did you know we offer off the shelf labels too? Our online shop has a huge range of on demand labels for workplace safety.

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