While hospitals are associated with helping individuals recover from injury or illness, there are still several risks for staff on a daily basis. Similarly, one minor mistake brought on by a lack of health and safety knowledge could endanger patients as well.

Hazards in the workplace

Medical staff face several health and safety hazards on a regular basis, from potential chemical and drug exposures to slips and trips. However, such incidents can be prevented with effective labelling and signage in place.


Infectious diseases are among the biggest dangers for individuals employed in the healthcare sector. The delivery of medical services requires a range of employees – who are found in a variety of settings. Clearly labelled handwash stations should be utilised by hospitals to encourage members of staff to wash their hands after dealing with patients.

Other hazards

Medical staff face many other hazards in the workplace on a regular basis, particularly if health and safety protocol is not followed. Chemicals, hazardous drugs and materials that cause allergic reactions are among the main issues. Clearly labelled substances and areas is crucial in this environment.

Clear labelling is vital for any hospital environment, as it means medical staff can quickly and effectively do their job – whether it be administering medication for ill individuals, or cleaning equipment in an effective manner. Our labels can be used for equipment identification, safety labelling, inventory numbering, asset marking, collection tube labels, cardiac equipment and analytical instruments. Ensuring equipment and hazards are labelled correctly is crucial within any working environment, but especially within the medical sector.

Why Us?

We cater for both short and long run batches to provide a variety of labels for use in hospitals. All of our medical labels are manufactured from high quality materials that feature a range of permanent and high tack adhesive combinations for long-lasting performance.

Need advice?

We understand that deciding which type of labels best suit your requirements can be a difficult task – particularly with limited knowledge of the industry. This is why our dedicated team are here to help throughout the quote to production.

There are many materials available for the production of custom printed labels, and it helps to it think about what the labels will be used for in order to determine the perfect solution for your application.

Answering the following questions can help with the decision making when speaking to our sales team;

  • Will the label design contain images, photos or barcodes?
  • What is their primary use?
  • Do they need to be in colour, or black and white?
  • Does the label need to be easily removable, or is it intended to stay stuck firmly to the surface?
  • Are there any specific substances do they need to be resistant to?
  • Do you need any features such as windows, sign and seal or other properties?

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