The SwissQ

Swiss engineering provides the highest quality, boasting a huge 2.5m x 2m printable area. UV LED cured digital inks offer impeccable colour matching ability, with the additions of white, varnish & textured effects add to this machines capabilities.

Renowned as the best printer in its class, the SwissQ UV Flatbed Printer provides the perfect combination of a superior build with a versatile ink configuration and supreme colour management. Our two Swiss Q printers are housed in a crucial temperature monitored clean room environment in order to ensure optimum printing results, every single time.

The SwissQ can print directly on to virtually any substrate – including metal and glass – with its revolutionary primer. Its UV hardened inks offer durability, making them suitable for interior or exterior use, while a state-of-the-art colour management system creates one of the largest digital colour pallets – including a substantial colour matching system for Pantones and RALs.

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Digital Print


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